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Ottawa music fan starts petition to ban Kanye from headlining Bluesfest

Haters gonna hate.

The phrase is ringing true in Ottawa after organizers of Ottawa Bluesfest announced that Kanye West will headline the festival’s popular event.

The announcement sparked controversy online with one Ottawa music fan even starting an online Facebook group to ban arguably the biggest name in music from playing the festival.

“I am not a fan at all,” said Amy Lamothe, who started the “Stop Kanye West at Ottawa Bluesfest” Facebook page that had more than 100 members on Tuesday.

“He publicly humiliates himself on a weekly, monthly, daily basis. I feel the money should have been spent on relevant rock artists.”

Lamothe said she would rather see a band like the Foo Fighters or the Black Keys.

Lamothe said Kanye should have his own show in Ottawa instead of “riding the coattails of this amazing festival.”

Many would argue that the haters can just choose not to go to the festival on that given day, but Lamothe said having an artist, who doesn’t respect other fellow artists shouldn’t get a voice in friendly Ottawa.

Lamothe made it clear that she doesn’t hate rap music, as she plans to see Nas and De La Soul, but Kanye’s inflated ego is too much for her.

Boom FM morning host Sandy Sharkey isn’t surprised Kanye is such a lightning rod, as he is one of the biggest names in music today.

And while his ego may rub people the wrong way, the reason he is still around is because he has the talent to back up his mouth. She said that if true music lovers can get past his ego, they will enjoy the show.

“He is really talented, but it’s just that his ego knows no boundaries,” said Sharkey.

“Some people are OK to just go and see an act based on their talent and forget about all of the other stuff around that band. If you can just look at the guy as an entertainer, you are going to be in for a great show.”

There is also an online petition to stop Kanye from playing Ottawa that has over 500 names. A similar petition was started in the United Kingdom to ban Kanye from playing Glastonbury. That petition is more than 130,000 names strong.

Kanye West plays Ottawa Bluesfest July 10.

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