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Edmonton councillors vote to remove 'City of Champions' from welcome signs

Edmonton will soon be the former City of Champions, as city councillors voted Tuesday to strip the slogan from the city’s entrance signs.

Mayor Don Iveson said the city was moving into the “post-tag line era,” after council voted 7-5 to remove “City of Champions” from the current signs as well as to start a process at replacing the entrance signs all together.

Coun. Michael Oshry, who pushed for the change, said it’s time to get something new on the signs.

“Civic pride is great and I have great pride for Edmonton, but Edmonton is not the only city with champions,” he said. “It’s just time to move on and looking at the city from a bigger more holistic approach.”

Coun. Dave Loken said council was wasting time and money on a make-work project.

“There is no public outcry to do this. The public is not saying we should change these signs,” he said.

He also rejected the notion that slogan was somehow out of date or a cliché.

“We are a city of many champions, we are city of champions in industry and sport and we have great community leaders,” he said. “That slogan or statement means different things to different people.”

Iveson said some people surely will miss the slogan, but he hopes the city moves past slogans and gimmicks towards a fuller brand identity.

“For those people City of Champions will continue to resonate whether it’s on the sign or not,” he said. “I am content to just go with Welcome to Edmonton.”

The welcome signs will likely be changed within the next few weeks to remove the slogan, but new or redesigned signs will wait, as city administration prepares a report on the costs and options for new signs.

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