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Cleanup continues after refinery oil spill into Newfoundland's Placentia Bay

COME BY CHANCE, N.L. — North Atlantic Refining is continuing its efforts to clean up after 1500 litres of oil spilled into Newfoundland's Placentia Bay last week.

Company officials say despite efforts to keep wildlife out of the spill, two seabirds were found coated with oil.

Crews from the seabird rehabilitation centre tried to save the birds, but were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, the mayor of the nearby community of Arnold's Cove says he's confident they're won't be any long-term effects from the oil leak.

Mayor Basil Daley says the four towns in the area have a shared emergency services agreement with the heavy industries that operate there, and that everything that could have been done was done in this instance.

The spill is believed to originated from a pipe near the Come by Chance oil refinery. (VOCM)

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