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Canadian-run hospital in Syria 'completely destroyed' by airstrike

Health centre has been “completely destroyed,” the organization running the hospital said.

A Canadian-run hospital in Syria has been


A Canadian-run hospital in Syria has been "completely destroyed" in an airstrike, the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations said on its website Friday.

A Canadian-run hospital in Syria has been “completely destroyed” in an airstrike, the organization running the health centre said. But there are no casualties.

The Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations (UOSSM-Canada) said, on its website Friday, that the Al Marjeh Primary Health Care Centre in Aleppo had been bombed by Syrian regime and Russian airstrikes.

Patients and medical workers had been evacuated from the area after airstrikes hit another civilian hospital in the region three days ago, killing 50 people, said UOSSM-Canada spokesperson Avi D’Souza.

Hospitals and clinics in the rebel-controlled region have become prime targets for anti-rebel airstrikes, he said.

“The targeting of health centres and hospitals is a war crim,” said Dr. Al Kassem, Head of UOSSM-Canada, on the organization’s website.

“We strongly condemn these actions and ask the international community to act and protect hospitals and aid workers.

“It’s time the international community took action to stop these crimes against humanity.”

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical equipment were destroyed, UOSSM-Canada says.

An AFP video shows the building reduced to a pile of grey rubble, with doors, files and medicine strewn everywhere.

“The centre is well known by everyone. A medical and civilian centre, it has no military connection,” said Hassan al-Ahmar, who AFP identified as the head of the clinic.

UOSSM-Canada says it has sent millions of dollars worth of medical supplies to Al Marjeh, as well as to other hospitals in Syria, over the past two years.

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