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Quebec taxi industry's injunction request against Uber put off until Monday

MONTREAL — A new injunction being sought by the taxi industry in Quebec against ride-hailing service Uber has been postponed until Monday due to the lack of a judge to hear the case.

The injunction request intended for Thursday was the second attempt in a week by the industry to prevent Uber from operating in Quebec.

A judge ruled on Tuesday against the cabbies' request for a temporary injunction against the Quebec government and its agreement with the firm, ruling there wasn't enough evidence to justify immediate action against Uber or the pilot project.

A lawyer for the taxi industry said he would seek an injunction against Uber itself this time, arguing the company's current operations are illegal since the pilot project has not yet been implemented. 

A taxi industry lobbyist also suggested that Quebec cab drivers are losing money daily because of the deal.

The Quebec government and Uber agreed on a one-year pilot project earlier this month that would see the service operate legally in Quebec.

Under the agreement, Uber will be granted the equivalent of 300 taxi permits, but will also pay taxes in addition to collecting federal and provincial sales tax and contribute to a fund to help modernize the taxi industry.

Uber drivers must abide by several other regulations but won't have to rent or purchase traditional permits, which cost cab drivers upward of $200,000 if a car is included in the price.