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Quebec judge convicted of murder seeks bail pending federal review of conviction

QUEBEC — A former Quebec judge found guilty of first-degree murder in his wife's slaying was back in court Tuesday seeking his freedom pending the outcome of a federal review of his case.

Jacques Delisle was seeking bail at the Quebec City courthouse — his first time in the building since he was sentenced to life in prison in June 2012.

Now 81, Delisle is serving a life sentence for the premeditated murder of his wife Nicole Rainville, who was found dead in November 2009.

Delisle's attempt at securing his release from a penitentiary comes as federal officials look into his claim he was wrongfully convicted in the slaying.

His case is being reviewed under the Criminal Conviction Review process due to new forensic evidence.

Ballistic and pathology evidence are being presented during the two-day hearing before Quebec Superior Court Justice Benoit Moulin.

In 2015, Delisle said in a televised jailhouse interview he'd helped his wife take her own life by leaving a loaded gun for her to use. He denied killing Rainville, who had serious health issues.

Delisle never testified at his trial.

His son Jean and a longtime friend, Pierre Cimon, offered themselves up as guarantors should Delisle be set free.

He appeared visibly skinnier than before — entering the prisoner's box wearing a white T-shirt and a black jacket that was too big for him.

(Cogeco Nouvelles/The Canadian Press)

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