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Quebec police still trying to identify suspects at Universite Laval

Quebec City police say the number of complaints stemming from a rash of break-ins and alleged sexual crimes at a university student residence has risen to 15.

The investigation into the incidents at Universite Laval is ongoing and police haven't been able to identify the number of suspects involved or provide a description.

A spokesman told a news conference Wednesday the number of complaints has climbed, but he didn't say how many fall under the category of "crimes of a sexual nature."

Earlier this week, police said at least four of the nine complaints for break-ins included allegations of sex-related offences.

Capt. Mario Vezina of the force's major-crimes unit says video evidence has been inconclusive because of poor lighting.

Vezina says police have a complex investigation on their hands and have to meet with alleged victims and numerous witnesses.

Police have set up a mobile command unit in front of a pavilion of the university, which has tightened security at the residence since the break-ins and alleged assaults late last week.

"The operation (on Wednesday) is to see if there are other victims as well as witnesses or people who have pertinent information to give us," Vezina said.

Authorities say the doors were either unlocked or open in all cases.

The university is providing psychological counselling to the complainants.

A vigil is planned for Wednesday night outside the residence.


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