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Jury finds woman guilty for shooting husband, defence says appeal coming

ST. PAUL, Alta. — A jury has found a woman whose lawyer suggested she suffered from battered woman syndrome guilty of second-degree murder for shooting her husband as he was lying on a couch.

Deborah Doonanco, 53, had been charged in the death of Kevin Feland in their home in the village of Glendon, Alta., in May 2014.

She testified that in the days before his death, his drug use was so bad she couldn't sleep and had become physically weak.

She said she couldn't reach out for help because he had told her she was his property and would find her and kill her if she started anything.

But the prosecution argued that after shooting Feland twice, Doonanco set the house on fire to destroy the evidence.

Court was told the couple had been married and then divorced, but later reconciled.

Doonanco’s lawyer, Brian Beresh, told Global Edmonton his client was upset and surprised by the verdict.

“We’re very surprised with this jury deliberating in a case like this for less than two hours," he said outside the courthouse. "We’re not very pleased at all. There certainly will be an appeal."

Feland’s daughter, Chloe Truss, 15, said the past couple of years have been chaotic and she’s happy justice has been served.

“It’s just a big relief after two-and-a-half years,” Truss told Global. “We know what’s right and it wasn’t OK what happened. This has affected all of us.”


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