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No charges against owner of pit bull in fatal attack shows need for bylaw: Coderre

MONTREAL — The fact no charges were laid in the fatal dog attack last summer reinforces the importance of Montreal's new breed-specific ban, Mayor Denis Coderre said Wednesday.

Coderre said he's more convinced than ever on the necessity of the recently passed bylaw banning new pit bulls on city territory after the Crown decided not to lay charges against the owner of the dog that killed Montreal woman Christiane Vadnais last June.

The pit bull had escaped from a nearby home and attacked Vadnais in her backyard.

"It's sad," Coderre said about the announcement there wouldn't be charges. "Frankly, it just makes me (feel) stronger about the need to have the regulations that I'm putting forward."

Coderre's bylaw is currently suspended while the courts hear a legal challenge brought forth by the local SPCA.

The City of Montreal, however, has been granted permission to appeal the lower court ruling that suspended the bylaw.

Montreal's controversial law bans all new pit bulls, as well as dogs with similar characteristics, from city territory.

The law also places strict rules on current owners of pit bull-type dogs when walking the animals or keeping them outside the home.

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