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Chronology of alleged incidents in former nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer's case

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — A former Ontario nurse accused of killing eight seniors faces six new charges in relation to people under her care. Ontario Provincial Police charged Elizabeth Wettlaufer on Friday with four counts of attempted murder and two counts of aggravated assault. Here is a chronology of the alleged incidents in her case, based on police information, court documents and public obituaries.


— June 25, 2007 - Dec. 31, 2007: Wettlaufer allegedly injected 87-year-old Clotilde Adriano with insulin at the Caressant Care long-term-care home in Woodstock, Ont., committing what police called an aggravated assault. Adriano died on July 30, 2008, at the age of 88. Police said her death is not attributed to Wettlaufer. Adriano was a widowed mother of two and grandmother to five. She died at the Caressant Care home where her sister — another alleged victim — was also living.

— June 25, 2007 - Dec. 31, 2007: Wettlaufer allegedly injected Albina Demedeiros with insulin at Caressant Care, committing what police have called an aggravated assault. Demedeiros died in hospital on Feb. 25, 2010, her 91st birthday. Police said her death was not attributed to Wettlaufer. Demedeiros was predeceased by nine of her 10 siblings, including alleged victim Clotilde Adriano.

— Aug. 11, 2007: Wettlaufer allegedly murdered James (Jim) Silcox at the Caressant Care home. The 84-year-old was a Second World War veteran of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. He was a married father of six.

— Dec. 22, 2007 - Dec. 23, 2007: Wettlaufer allegedly murdered Maurice (Moe) Granat at the Caressant Care home. The 84-year-old father of two was a longtime mechanic and automotive body man in Tillsonburg, Ont.

— Jan. 1, 2008 - Dec. 31, 2009: Wettlaufer allegedly injected Caressant Care resident Michael Priddle, 63, with insulin "with intent to murder." Priddle died at the home at the age of 64, with his family by his side, at an undisclosed date. Police have said his death is not attributed to Wettlaufer. Priddle was survived by his wife of 41 years as well as two children. 

 — Sept. 1, 2008 - Dec. 31, 2008: Wettlaufer allegedly injected Caressant Care resident Wayne Hedges with insulin "with intent to murder." The 57-year-old Hedges died at the long-term care home on Jan. 24., 2009. Police say his death is not attributed to Wettlaufer. Hedges was survived by his parents ant two siblings and predeceased by a brother.

— Oct. 13, 2011 - Oct. 14, 2011: Wettlaufer allegedly murdered 87-year-old Gladys Millard at the Caressant Care home. Millard, a widowed mother of two, was originally from Nova Scotia. She was a longtime member of Knox Presbyterian Church and a member of the Rose Rebekah Lodge in Woodstock.

— Oct. 25, 2011 - Oct. 26, 2011: Wettlaufer allegedly murdered 95-year-old Helen Matheson at the Caressant Care home. Matheson, a widowed mother of two sons, was a longtime United Church member in Innerkip, Ont. 

— Nov. 6, 2011 - Nov. 7 , 2011: Wettlaufer allegedly murdered 96-year-old Mary Zurawinski at the Caressant Care home.

— July 13, 2013 - July 14, 2013: Wettlaufer allegedly murdered 90-year-old Helen Young at the Caressant Care home.

— March 22, 2014 - March 28, 2014: Wettlaufer allegedly murdered 79-year-old Maureen Pickering at Caressant Care. The widow was a former native of Tillsonburg, Ont.

— Aug. 23, 2014 - Aug. 31, 2014: Wettlaufer allegedly murdered 75-year-old Arpad Horvath. He lived at a Meadow Park facility in London, Ont. The married father of two was the owner of Central Tool and Die of London and active in the local Hungarian club.

— Sept. 1, 2015 - Sept. 30, 2015: Wettlaufer allegedly injected 77-year-old Sandra Towler with insulin "with intent to murder" at the Telfer Place retirement home in Paris, Ont. Towler is still living at the retirement home.

— Aug. 1, 2016 - Aug. 30, 2016: Wettlaufer allegedly injected 68-year-old Beverly Bertram with insulin "with intent to murder" while the woman was living at a private residence in Ingersol, Ont. Bertram is still alive.


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