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A selection of comments sent to Liberal MP Iqra Khalid over a racism motion

Liberal MP Iqra Khalid introduced a motion in Parliament this week to combat racism and Islamophobia. During debate, the MP from Mississauga, Ont., read out some of the messages she has received from the public on the issue. Where unparliamentary language was used, Khalid substituted the word "blank."

Some of the comments she received:

— "No need to debate her. Simply remind her that she is merely a woman and she needs to sit the blank down and shut the blank up. She has to comply according to Sharia."

— "Why did Canadians let her in? Ship her back."

— "Why don't you get out of my country? You're a disgusting piece of trash and you are definitely not wanted here by the majority of actual Canadians."

— "Blank off Pakistani, Yalibani. You blank yourself and go back to your blank hole of a country where you blank come from, ugly."

— "If I want to call a Muslim piece of blank terrorist, I will. Go back to your blank hole country where you came from blank hole."


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