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Police seize more than 30 guns from Ontario man's home; 57-year-old charged

BARRIE, Ont. — Police have seized more than 30 guns and an "excessive" amount of ammunition from an Ontario man's home.

Barrie police say they received a tip on Sunday that a resident had loaded weapons — including two miniature cannons, 20 antique guns and a sawed-off shotgun on the arm of a couch — strewn throughout his home.

Police say they also found a cane with a removable sword.

They say their tactical team went to the house and arrested a 57-year-old man without incident.

On Monday police say they searched the house and seized 33 guns in total, a vest full of ammunition and other ammunition throughout the house. They say the man didn't have a license to possess firearms.

He has been charged with five firearms-related offences.

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