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Metro Cities: Some urban centres reveal their secrets through open data (but not all)

Here's the information your city shares. Do you think it's enough?

Cities across Canada vary greatly in how much data they share.

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Cities across Canada vary greatly in how much data they share.

If you have a smartphone app that knows exactly when the next bus is coming, your city made that data public.

Thanks to the open data movement, cities are sharing more and more of their data on everything from potholes to election results. Non-profits and companies can use it in ways cities may not ever think of. But some cities do better than others. How does your hometown compare?

The Public Sector Digest Open Cities Index compares Canadian cities on preparing for open data, making it available, and using it to have an impact. Here is how some of Canada's major cities rank:

#1 Edmonton

#2 Toronto

#3 Winnipeg

#4 Calgary

#10 Ottawa

#12 Vancouver

#28 Halifax


We scored several major cities according to how easy it is to use their data.

Dynamic data: If a city updates data — like road closures — does it automatically update anyone using that data?

Open-by-default: Does the city have a policy to make all data open unless there is a specific reason not to?

Citizen dashboard: Does the city visualize data online so residents can easily see how their city is doing?


What information does your city share?

Sources: Compiled by Tristan Cleveland from city websites and communications departments


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