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Advent of Activism Day 2: The Rohingya Crisis

2017 was full of disasters. We can do something about it. Each day in December, we're telling you how to help people or places in need. Welcome to our Advent of Activism.

Rohingya Muslim arrives on a boat from Myanmar to Bangladesh in Shah Porir Dwip, Bangladesh.

Dar Yasin / AP

Rohingya Muslim arrives on a boat from Myanmar to Bangladesh in Shah Porir Dwip, Bangladesh.

In 2017, all around the world, disasters piled upon disasters. Humanitarian, political and environmental crises hit, mass atrocities broke out, social problems were worsened and entrenched. It was difficult for even the most dedicated news junkies to keep up.  

That’s why each day we publish in December, we will be featuring a group of people who are in need due to recent events — in Canada or around the world — and spotlighting how you can help fulfil their very basic holiday wishes for health, safety, food, shelter and hope for the future.

We’re calling it Advent of Activism, and we’re defining activism broadly as doing good for your community, advocating for the needy and marginalized and fighting for a better future for this planet and everyone on it. We are taking a stand against apathy and for community.

If you have suggestions for future Advent of Activism features, please reach out to And have a safe and happy holiday season, whatever you’re celebrating.

DAY 2: The Rohingya Crisis, Myanmar

Since the summer, more than a half a million people, mostly children, from the Rohingya ethnic minority have been forced from their homes in Myanmar into neighbourhing Bangaladesh. The violent military crackdown spawned a massive humanitarian and diplomatic crisis.

How to help:

Here are some agencies helping to provide emergency shelter and basic needs to Rohingya families

Islamic Relief Canada, whose Canadian CEO has been to Myanmar providing direct aid

UNHCR Canada. the United Nations refugee agency

BRAC, a large, respected NGO in Bangladesh


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