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Mural honours Hope Hunter

Members of the Giants of Edmonton project and city council unveiled a new mural in downtown Edmonton yesterday afternoon.

The mural, painted by Kris Friesen, is a joint effort between the Giants of Edmonton and the City of Edmonton's Graffiti Management Program, depicting members of Edmonton's city centre community holding hands in an incomplete round dance.

This mural is just one in a series that highlights the people and the things that make Edmonton the city it is. Previously, figures like Lois Hole and Joey Moss have been painted.

This mural, the fifth so far, was done in honour of Hope Hunter, the former executive director of Boyle Street Community Services who is a key figure in helping those struck by poverty and racism in Edmonton.

Speaking to a gathered crowd at the presentation of her mural, she said she was very impressed by how it turned out.

"I think what (it) really captures is the health, the strength and the diversity of the inner-city community," she said.

Edmontonians may look forward to seeing more murals of this kind going up and can contact 630 CHED radio if they know of anyone who, like Hunter, is a giant among us.

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