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Edmonton lotto winner yet to step forward

There's someone about to become a millionaire 33 times over in Edmonton, but they may not even know it yet.

"No one has claimed the winning ticket yet," said Western Canada Lottery Corporation spokesperson Andrea Marantz of the winning $33-million Lotto Max ticket sold in Edmonton.

"A lot of people only check their tickets on Friday when they go to buy their next week's tickets."

While most winnings are eventually claimed, she has seen some wait almost until the one-year deadline to cash in, said Marantz.

"Especially with this large an amount, sometimes people are just not ready to deal with it yet," said Marantz.

If you do find you are holding the winning $33,301,693.30 ducat, fill in your name but nothing else. And avoid using any lottery ticket to jot down a name and phone number, as that can complicate things when it's time to collect.

"It just may raise questions about joint ownership," explained Marantz.

While you won't necessarily be able to quit your job the day you bring in your winning numbers, last Friday's lucky Lotto Max ticket holder is urged to start the process.

"They won't collect their money the same day. It is a lot of money and paperwork to go through," said Marantz, adding anyone suspecting they hold a winning ticket can call the number on the back and give the lottery corporation the control number to get things rolling.

Winning ticket holders will then be put in touch with the St. Albert office to collect their prize.

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