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Doggone heartbreaking story

The Edmonton Humane Society and Humane Animal Rescue Team (HART) have given an abused dog a new leash on life.

After being beaten with a metal pipe, the two-year-old Basset Beagle cross was brought to EHS by HART on Oct. 9 from south of the city, with a severely fractured hind leg.

“When I brought him in here he could not put weight on his leg, it was just hanging there,” said Wayne Tischer, HART president.

Tischer said nothing can be done unless the witness goes to RCMP and presses charges.

“It's very unfortunate the people who know what happened are choosing not to come forward,” said Shawna Randolph, EHS spokesperson.

Modo's fracture is on the mend and the pooch will be up for adoption in a few weeks, said Randolph.

While his leg is broken, his spirit's far from it.

“With Modo, you couldn't really tell he went through what he did,” said Randolph. “He gave kisses to the staff right away, he was very trusting.”

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