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Drunk driving deaths still plague Alberta

In 2008, Alberta had the second-highest number of impaired driving fatalities, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving statistics for the last year data was available.

Of 1,162 people killed by impaired driving crashes, 201 were in this province.

Susan Semotiuk, who does outreach work with MADD to impaired driving offenders and victims, said the message of the perils of drunk driving is still falling short.

She hesitates using statistics, because those numbers represent lives lost.

“There's a lot of people who should be here, but they're not because of drinking and driving or drugs,” said Semotiuk, pointing to a wall of photos in the organization's office of people who died at the hands of someone driving while impaired.

One of smiling faces on the wall is her four-year-old grandson, Mikey.

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