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Edmonton recycling technology could make its way to the US

The mayors of Edmonton and Reading, PA signed a memorandum of understanding with Greys Paper Recycling Industries Ltd to bring the Edmonton-based recycling technology to the United States.

Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel, Mayor Vaughn D. Spencer of Reading, PA and Rajan Ahluwalia, CEO of Greys Paper Recycling Industries Ltd signed the MOU Monday at City Hall, marking the first step in potentially bringing Grey’s technology - a closed-loop recycling process to convert waste paper and cotton textiles into paper products – to Pennsylvania.

“Edmonton does it better than most cities in North America. ... We’re very excited about the opportunities that this is going to create,” Mandel said after the signing.

Spencer said he and his council were impressed with the city’s commitment to sustainability and used the trip as an opportunity to observe Edmonton’s environmental practices as a whole.

“We’re look at ways to handle our waste and more importantly, to be able to provide a quality of life for our citizens. We went through the cycle of bury, then you try to burn, but then you get to the point of people saying ‘not in my backyard.' You have to start looking at ways to handle waste in a responsible manner,” he said, adding that officials in Reading first learned about Grey’s technology from officials at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance in Washington DC.

“I definitely feel this will (turn into a full agreement). We already have the site that we have offered to (Greys) and now it’s a matter of beginning to look at what steps need to take place,” Spencer continued.

Greys Paper Recycling Industries Ltd is set to start operations this year and is expected to process 40,000 tonnes of waste paper yearly.

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