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Cyclists gather to push for better infrastructure on Whyte Avenue

City councillors urged a group of concerned city cyclists not to waste political capital on fighting for segregated bike lanes on Whyte Avenue.

The death of Isaak Kornelsen, a 21-year-old University of Alberta student who was killed in late August was a catalyst for the Tuesday night meeting.

Christopher Chan, executive director of the Edmonton bicycle commuters’ association pitched a separated bike lane on Whyte Avenue.

He said separated lanes make it easier for less-experienced cyclists.

“It is not about building something for me it is about building something for everyone.”

The association also talked about a proposed city plan for a bike boulevard on 83 Avenue.

Councillors Ben Henderson and Don Iveson were both on hand at the town hall.

Henderson said he's not decided on the 83 Avenue versus Whyte Avenue options, but he wants to move toward better infrastructure.

“I think that's the kind of infrastructure that we have to get to.”

Iveson encouraged the crowd not to push for Whyte Avenue, because it would take up political capital that could be used to speed up other projects.

“If you push bike lanes on Whyte nothing is going to happen on 83 Avenue.”

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