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Edmonton city council endorses food strategy

Edmonton city council officially endorsed a plan for how the city grows food and protects the local food system, but how it will be rolled out will wait until the new year.

The report entitled “Fresh” looks at ways the city can promote urban agriculture, but over two days of public hearing much of the focus centered on protecting agricultural land in the city’s north east.

Coun. Linda Sloan tried to focus in on that issue with a motion that would have asked for a report on ways to preserve agricultural land before reviewing a plan for the area next year.

“I do believe council has missed an opportunity to better inform itself on this topic.”

That motion failed and Mayor Stephen Mandel said, while the public hearings focused on the land in the north east, that is not what the strategy is about.

“This is a city-wide agricultural plan and it is not just for the north east,” he said.

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