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Can Man Dan to spend weekend in truck to raise food, funds for Edmonton Food Bank

How will you be spending this weekend? Perhaps baking cookies or wrapping gifts, catching up on sleep or hitting the slopes?

Dan Johnstone will be spending the weekend in a cold truck to raise money for the Edmonton Food Bank.

Dubbed Can Man Dan, Johnstone is planning to spend 59 hours in a one-tonne truck, with only blankets and a small space heater to keep him warm when temperatures are expected to drop to as low as -20 C this weekend.

“I came from a single mom household, so a lot of the time growing up (with) bills and food, sometimes you had to choose between one or the other," said Johnstone, who raised just under 5,000 lbs of food and over $12,000 in donations last year at Christmas.

"A lot of the time we would get help from the food bank, and I just felt like I had to give back. They helped support me and my brother and my mom for 18 years. I think I can take a couple of hours out of each week to help out. It’s only fair."

Gordon Petruk, the store manager at the Tera Losa Safeway where Johnstone is camped out, is glad to see someone so willing to help their community.

“It’s great when we have a guy like Dan who wants to take his own time to come here and do what he does,” Petruk said.

Already, Johnstone has raised 3,000 lbs of food, with 2,000 lbs coming from one anonymous donor.

“Hunger is an issue that’s pretty big here, and it effects a lot of people. You can’t live if you don’t eat,” said Johnstone.

Can Man Dan will be finished his camp-out Sunday at 6 p.m. Donations are also accepted online through Johnstone's Facebook page.

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