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Edmonton is excited for An Evening with Oprah Winfrey

Those heading to Oprah Winfrey’s sold out show at Rexall Place Monday night may very well be in for an Aha! Moment.

Allison Hopkins, 32, is hoping for just that as she scratches an item off her bucket list.

“It is surreal,” she said. “I imagine I will run through all the emotions from laughing to crying.”

That sort of inspiration is what Natasha Proulx, 29, is expecting from the woman whose show she grew up watching on TV with her mother.

“As I got older I watched it myself, and I liked her newest series, Lifeclass,” she said. “Most of those shows focus on an area of our lives that we can improve; I’m hoping for advice on something like that.”

While many are excited to have tickets, there are numerous contests winners throughout the city who will get to meet Winfrey, as well.

Kym Simon, a 34-year-old singer from Devon, is one of those lucky people, thanks to up! 99.3 FM.

“I think she is going to be very calm, and that calmness will make me not so nervous!” laughed Simon. “I imagine she is very personable, down to earth.”

Monique Langridge, a St. Albert woman who attended a show in Chicago in April 2011, said that’s what the entire experience will feel like.

“(She) will speak to you as if she were in your own relaxed living room.”

Oprah ‘will take your breath away’

Edmonton woman Carla Clark, who was once a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, says those with tickets for Monday are in for a treat.

She thinks it’s great the talk show host and media mogul is coming to Edmonton, and anticipates those in attendance will feel a mix of emotions.

“I started crying, and I was never that type,” she said. “When she walks into a room… it takes your breath away.”

Harpo officials had seen another network’s show on Clark and her then-husband’s work as foster parents, and Clark’s relationships with the babies’ biological mothers. They were guests on Unlikely Friendships, which aired in 2002.

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