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Alberta mom’s Facebook letter in appreciation of teachers gets shared around the world

A Drayton Valley mom’s Facebook note in appreciation of teachers has been viewed around the world.

“I just wrote it as a quick note on my Facebook, kind of in appreciation to the few teachers that I do have on my Facebook,” she said.

By Thursday, the letter had been seen by teachers around the globe, “liked” by more than 1,000 people and was shared nearly 3,000 times.

“It went up to 200 views then it went from 200 to 1,000 in a matter of hours. Then it went from 1,000 to almost 3,000. It was crazy,” Marcotte said on Thursday afternoon.

Marcotte has since received comments and e-mails of thanks from teachers across Canada and as far away as New Zealand, Spain, England and Australia.

The  teachers have thanked Marcotte for reminding them why they do what they do and understanding that their jobs aren’t easy.

Marcotte said she was compelled to write the note after hearing a radio story about last week’s negotiations between teachers and the education minister.

“With the teachers feeling disheartened as it is and not appreciated, I thought it was time for a little bit of appreciation…With 12 hours a day and working weekends and coaching, for the teachers that do put that out there, it’s important that they know that they matter,” she said.

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