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Edmonton's Great Divide Waterfall could flow again

A curtain of water could rise over the North Saskatchewan, as councillors took another step toward turning the taps of the Great Divide Waterfall back on.

The waterfall, which comes off the High Level Bridge, has been closed since 2009 because of maintenance issues and environmental concerns about the chlorinated water it was putting into the river.

A city report, which will go in front of the full council next month, says that for $735,000 the city can do enough repair work to turn the attraction back on.

Coun. Ben Henderson said the waterfall is important to Edmontonians and the design has been copied in other parts of the world.

“It would be a real waste to walk away from something where we were the first,” he said.

The water for the display comes from city sources and the current project would only dechlorinate the water before sending it into the river.

Councillors will receive a report in April on the possibility of using river water.

Operating costs

  • Under the proposal, each time the city turned the attraction on, it would have to spend about $15,000 in costs on labour, dechlorination supplies and water.

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