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Book about Edmonton killer Mark Twitchell released in paperback

It’s been almost five years since Edmonton filmmaker and self-professed psychopath Mark Twitchell murdered Johnny Altinger in a case that captivated the city.

The author of a true crime book about the notorious “Dexter Killer” says he is amazed at how the story continues to fascinate and disturb people around the world.

Steve Lillebuen’s book, The Devil’s Cinema, was released in 2012 and a paperback version of the book came to stores across North America last month.

Lillebuen, a former Edmontonian who now works in Australia, attributes the continued interest in his book and the Twitchell case to a number of factors.

“It really was a crime that came out of suburbia, that in a lot of ways was oddly relatable for anyone following the case,” he says.

Lillebuen believes the fact Twitchell was a father, husband and aspiring filmmaker has also drawn people into the case.

“You may think you know someone but anyone could be capable of a murder,” he says.

Lillebuen interviewed Twitchell extensively for his book and says he continues to get the occasional letter from the murderer, detailing his life in prison.

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