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Plan for lights on Edmonton's High Level Bridge ready to go

The High Level Bridge could become a light show in the River Valley as early as this fall, but Edmontonians will have to be ready to put the $3 million into the project.

ATB Financial CEO Dave Mowat first raised the idea last October and said everyone has worked really hard to launch it.

“Everybody we have talked to has kind of put their shoulder to it, the people at the city have been extremely helpful to try and get this set up right,” he said.

A report going to city council’s executive committee Monday outlines a $3 million plan that would put 1,120 LED lights on the bridge, that would be programmable and could change colours.

The city won’t move ahead on the project until the endeavour Mowat and others are planning has raised all the necessary money.

Mowat said the fundraising plan has received a huge amount of support.

He said while he expect some large donors, there will be a website for small donations so every Edmontonian can take part.

“It's not some government doing it. It's not some elite group doing it; it's all of Edmonton coming together to make it happen.”

Coun. Kim Krushell said she is excited to see the project move forward and expects it will have support on council.

“It's really a pretty inexpensive way to have something that can be used all year long.”

Light up the bridge

  • Mowat says after council gives approval a fundrasing drive will launch he said ATB and several other competing banks are going to accept donations and competing marketing firm in the city have worked together on the plan.
  • The city estimates lighting the bridge for an average of seven hours per night will cost about $17,000 per year.

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