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Controversial poster group now taking aim at Edmonton Slutwalk

The group that took aim at an anti-sexual assault campaign earlier this week, is also targeting the upcoming Edmonton slutwalk.

Mens Rights Edmonton attracted attention this week mirroring the Edmonton Police’s “ Don’t be that Guy campaign,” with a “Don’t be that Girl” poster campaign calling on women not to falsely report sexual assault.

The group also put up posters next to those advertising the upcoming Edmonton Slutwalk on July 27. The posters have a picture of vomit and ask when will society puke as a result of an overwhelming number of female-specific campaigns.

Slutwalk organizer Danielle Paradis said the groups’ posters show they don’t understand the message.

“They are definitely anti-feminist, they are fairly off base and they obviously haven’t done a lot of work.”

She said the slut walk is intended to emphasis that victims of any gender are not at fault for their actions.

“We have been pretty aggressively gender neutral,” she said.

A representative from Mens’ Rights Edmonton, who only identified himself as Raz, said they put out the “Don’t be that Girl” posters, because false sexual assault accusations are a real problem.

“This is an issue that is very prevalent and we need to start discussing it.”

He said the number of false claims is hard to peg, but could be between 40 and 60 per cent.

He said his group is speaking through pseudonyms, because they fear repercussions.

“We are dealing with people who are not rationale and not reasonable.”

Cristina Stasia, a University of Alberta’s Women’s and Gender Studies instructor said she was disappointed when she saw the posters.

“My initial reaction was disgust and frustration,” she said. “The don’t be that guy campaign was out there to correct all that information and intervene in rape myths.”

Stasia said the silver lining is that the posters have started a discussion and got people re-engaged.

“They recognize that this is victim blaming and that the goal of these posters is to discourage people from reporting sexual assault.”

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