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Edmonton club remembers brothers in arms

Nearly every Tuesday, Dalin and Logan Torresan would attend practice with the Edmonton Extreme Armwrestling Club.

But the club cancelled practice this week due to the death of the brothers, aged 17 and 14, in a crash on Highway 21 Monday afternoon near their rural Strathcona County home.

Both teens had been part of the club for about a year and a half, said Jeff Miller, senior member of the club and vice-president of Alberta Armwrestling, noting they would arrive every week with their sister Brooklyn, and parents Dean and Carole.

“Dean would arm wrestle, and so would Logan and Dalin. And Brooklyn arm wrestles, too,” said Miller.

“It was kind of like a family outing.”

The club holds two or three tournaments per year, and the Torresans always participate.

The boys and their father even went to nationals in Vancouver last year, where Dalin and Logan won gold in their respective age categories.

According to friends and fellow club members, the pair – along with their sister – were the best of the best in youth arm wrestling.

“There was a bright future for those boys,” said Dan Marfei. “Just in memory of them, we just have to do our best and win championships for them.”

According to Jason Tibok, Logan was always a favourite in competitions, and was nicknamed Logan “Downtown” Torresan.

Dalin, meanwhile, was a bit of an underdog, said Tibok.

“It would look like he was losing and then he would come back and win,” he said. “We called him Dalin ‘The Comeback’ Torresan.”

Both Tibok and Marfei have spent time with the family over the last couple of days.

“They have lots of family and friends coming over,” said Marfei. “But of course, it’s very hard.”

In a post in the Alberta Armwrestling Facebook group, Carole said “the club has become like a family to us and we had great hopes for our boys future in arm wrestling.”

She then asked members to attend the funeral service wearing their Alberta shirts.

“I think it’s a good idea, it’s a cool gesture,” said Miller. “The arm wrestling community is not very big. It’s a pretty tight-knit community.

“Everyone feels it.”


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