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Local engagement, local address top issues in Edmonton Ward 3 debate

Candidates were grilled on the arena, local engagement and their home addresses at the Ward 3 candidate forum Tuesday night.

Contenders Dave Dodge, Rob Bernshaw, Hakim Isse and Dave Loken stood in front of about 130 residents at the forum at Londonderry Junior High.

Loken pushed his experience on council and said the election was about a decision to either move the city forward or back.

“This election will be the most important we have seen in a long time and I want to be your councillor,” said Loken.

Dodge pushed his long history working in the area, with community leagues and local groups.

“This is a gym where I spend a lot of time coaching kids in the community,” he said.

Rob Bernshaw promised to open up council and put an end to wasteful spending, citing the city’s parade balloon as one example among many.

“We don’t have a revenue problem we have a spending problem," he said.

Hakim Isse said he would focus on engaging closely with the community through town hall meetings and he promised to focus on youth.

“We want to make sure we reduce crime as much as we can by providing attractive programs to our youth,” he said.

All of the candidates were asked if they lived in the ward. Bernshaw and Loken saying they lived outside the ward, but Loken said he lives close by and understands the issues. Dodge challenged him on that front.

“You have to be right here in the community living and breathing our problems," said Dodge.

On the arena Loken said he supported it because people in Ward 3 will benefit.

“This is not just a project that benefits the downtown. It's a benefit for the entire city,” said Loken.

Dodge said he thought the city could have done better on the deal, but ultimately he has no intention of changing it.

Election day

  • Election day is Oct. 21.
  • Ward 3 is bordered by the city boundary on the north. 127 Street on the west, 66 Street on the east and 153 Avenue on the south west and 144 Avenue on the south east.

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