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Edmonton Transit pulling controversial 'Honour Killing' ads

Controversial advertisements, encouraging Muslim girls to reach out if they feel their family is threatening them, will be pulled from city buses.

Coun. Amarjeet Sohi said ETS has told him all of the bus ads should now be removed.

The ads first appeared earlier this week and Sohi said when he first heard about them he was shocked and started working to have them removed.

“I dug deep into it and I found the ads to be very offensive and started working with transit to get them pulled off,” he said.

Sohi said he doesn’t dispute that honour killings and domestic violence are serious issues, but the ads weren’t about addressing those issues.

“It is a clearly anti-Islamic group and their main target is to degrade people of the Muslim faith and that is something that is unacceptable in our city,” he said.

The American Freedom Defence Initiative placed the advertisements in Edmonton. The group has worked to have similar ads placed in several U.S. cities.

Masood Peracha, chair of the Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities, said he was immediately offended when he saw the advertisements.

He also said the ads seem targeted at the Muslim community much more than the problem of domestic violence.

“I am questioning what the motives are is it to help victims of violence or is just fearmongering, which I think it seems to be, or is it even more sinister than that?”

Peracha said, while he is relieved the ads are coming down, he wants to know why they went up in the first place.

Sohi agrees and said the city will be looking at that.

“We need to revisit our policy to see how we vet these kinds of ads.”

The city contracts out responsibility for advertising on ETS buses to Pattison Outdoor Advertising

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