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Slideshow: Don Iveson promises globally competive Edmonton during swearing in ceremony

Don Iveson officially became the 35th mayor of Edmonton on Tuesday, as he and the 12 members of council took the oath of office.

In a ceremony with a heavy emphasis on the city’s connection to aboriginal communities, council members were officially sworn in before taking part in their first council meeting.

Before speaking of the future, Iveson paid tribute to the past, thanking former mayor Stephen Mandel for his service to the city.

“The bar was set the highest by outgoing Mayor Stephen Mandel, who demonstrated bold leadership and succeeded in building consensus,” he said.

In his speech, Iveson returned to the themes he talked about during the campaign. He pledged to work with the city’s neighbours to make the region, as a whole, stronger.

“We look forward to collaborating in building a stronger and more prosperous future for the Edmonton region, while ensuring a more equitable share of the benefits and burdens of growth,” he said.

Photo Gallery

  • Ryan Tumilty - Metro Edmonton

    The new council was piped in by Sgt. Nick Perry at the start of the ceremony.

  • Ryan Tumilty - Metro Edmonton

    City hall was packed with friends, families, campaign workers and everyday Edmontonians for the ceremony at City Hall.

  • Ryan Tumilty - Metro Edmonton

    A red carpet lead the new councillors into the City Room for the swearing in ceremony.

  • Ryan Tumilty - Metro Edmonton

    Musician Sierra Jamerson performed an original piece during the ceremony.

  • Ryan Tumilty - Metro Edmonton

    Mayor Don Iveson's speech focused on the city building themes he talked about during the election campaign.

  • Ryan Tumilty - Metro Edmonton

    The ceremony had a heavy emphasis on aboriginal culture, including a performance from Redstone, a group of aboriginal drummers.

  • Ryan Tumilty - Metro Edmonton

    The drum group Isokan Afrika also performed during the ceremony.

Iveson pledged the city would work hard on the basics, keeping neighbourhoods from flooding and roads pothole-free.

“We will fix the roads and we will remedy the weaknesses in our drainage system,” he said.

But Iveson also pledged to have a city that would look beyond the basics, specifically  ensuring LRT would be in place across the city.

“Globally competitive cities require strong transportation networks, anchored by comprehensive rapid transit," he said. "LRT expansion is a priority for Edmontonians and it is a priority for me.”

Iveson said the election was an endorsement that the city was ready to build great things and step into the limelight.

“The election confirms that Edmontonians are done apologizing, done making excuses, and ready to build something extraordinary here on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River,” he said.

New councillors

  • Of the 12 councillors sworn in; six are returning incumbents, five are new faces and one, Coun. Mike Nickel, is returning after having previously been on council.
  • All of the councillors will now serve a four-year term; previously councillors had sat for three years at a time.

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