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Hostage situation at Edmonton Remand Centre brought to peaceful end

After just over three and a half hours of negotiation, Edmonton Police were able to end a hostage situation at the Edmonton Remand Centre on Sunday afternoon.

EPS responded to the correctional facility on the north end of the city shortly after 12:30 p.m. when an inmate took his cellmate hostage.

While no inmates, police or remand staff were hurt in the incident, AUPE vice-president Eres Raz said it is necessary for the government to complete a full debriefing on the situation to determine how the situation was handled by staff and EPS.

“My first reaction was I am hoping none of my colleagues were affected,” said Raz, who along with his position at AUPE, works as a correctional peace officer at the centre.

Raz noted that as a correctional peace officer, he is constantly faced with different dangers everyday on the job.

“Anytime we go to work, we are always having to be conscious of our surrounding, conscious of the people we are dealing with.”

While the authorities could not confirm what type of weapon was used in the assault, Dan Laville from the Solicitor General said police were able to separate the two inmates shortly before 4 p.m.

“The situation was resolved peacefully,” Laville said. “The inmate who threatened to assault this cellmate gave himself up.”

Along with a criminal investigation by EPS, the Solicitor General will be launching its own review of the incident to determine the correct protocol was followed.

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