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NAIT students embracing Edmonton's eat local trend

NAIT Culinary Arts students are cooking up some fine herb in the kitchen thanks to state-of-the-art technology at the school.

Organic greens like basil and cilantro are grown at the school’s Urban Cultivator, a commercial size appliance that allows students and staff to grow herbs at an increased rate.

With a growing trend of eating local and organic foods, students at the school are learning to embrace new technology and diet trends in the classroom early in their training.

“We’re learning to look at the big nutritional things and try to get used to everybody’s diet. In my class today […] we’re learning lentils, peas and beets just to get used to different diets like Celiac Disease,” said Kayla Miles, first-year culinary student.

Curriculum changes over the last few years are accommodating the eating local awareness with consumers by discussing topics such as using local products where possible to incorporating organic food practices.

“When we talk about sustainability of food […] this is something future chefs are going to be faced with so they have to be able to use technology to supplement the lack of farmland, use of pesticides and so forth,” said Hong Chew, NAIT Culinary Arts instructor.

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