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Alberta woman looking for support for her IVF treatment

Faced with the expense of in vitro fertilization treatment, one Alberta woman is turning to an online fundraising campaign to raise the money she needs to get pregnant.

Originally from Ontario but now living in Innisfail, Nadine White has struggled to conceive because of a polycystic ovary syndrome.

After three bouts of intrauterine insemination (IUI), White and her husband decided to give IVF a shot, but were faced with the procedures cost, along with the expense of driving to and from Edmonton for treatment.

Rather than losing hope, White set up an account on GoFundMe called “Donate to Create Baby White.”

Since launching the donation platform in June, the pair has received more than $2,900.

“It’s just a way to get your message out there and get help,” White said. “It’s reaching out to people without technically going to each person.”

Terri Abraham, president for Generations of Hope Fertility Assistance Fund, an organization who helps fund IVF treatments in Calgary for families who can’t afford the expense said White’s situation isn’t unusual.

“We’ve heard of people doing bottle drives, bake sales, remortgaging their homes,” she said. “It’s really about creating families safely, healthy and supporting the creation of a family.”

Along with helping to fund IVF treatment, Generations of Hope is petitioning to get the procedure covered by Alberta Health.

“Why fertility is excluded is beyond me,” Abraham said, adding recent research shows by providing public funding for fertility treatment, the province would save money on multiple births, which can be taxing on resources.

If fertility treatment was publicly funded, regulations could be applied—similar to Quebec—where only single embryo transfers are funded.

In Vitro Info:

-    One fresh batch of IVF treatment costs between $10,000 to 15,000

-    While White said GoFundMe has been a positive experience, the website takes five per cent of every donation.

-    White has sent homemade thank-you cards to each of her donors

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