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Edmonton Public Library extends outreach workers project

Downtown has them but soon five more Edmonton Public libraries will have access to the three outreach workers who have helped individuals at Stanley L. Milner for the last three years.

Edmonton Public Library officials announced Thursday their outreach workers who work with at-risk individuals accessing the library will extend their service to Abbottsfield, Highlands, Sprucewood, Woodcroft and Strathcona libraries as well.

The workers will share the workload while still offering services to people at the Stanley L. Milner library.

“It works. It works because of the people you have here, the staff and the people who believe in making a difference,” said Kevan Lyons, known as the Poet of Churchill Square.

The “Building a Safer Community through Inclusive Learning” project was originally funded through provincial dollars but the pilot project will move forward thanks to “efficiencies” found within EPL, according to Linda Cook, CEO of EPL.

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