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Edmonton transit bus driver gives Jasper Place high school students graduation gifts

It all started with a high five.

Edmonton Transit bus operator Will S. always makes sure to acknowledge his ‘regulars.’ Sometimes it’s just with a simple ‘hello,’ sometimes it’s with some baked goods he made the night before. But on Monday, the bus driver decided to go above and beyond the call of duty for four high school students.

For the last few months, the four graduates-to-be have hopped onto his 150 bus route, sometimes giving Will a high five as they board or just simple greeting. As a graduation present, the bus driver gave the students each a glass painted with their Jasper Place high school’s red and black colours and their grad year underneath.

“I remember when I went to high school, Grade 12 was fun and the girls seem like they’re making the most of it,” said the ETS bus operator of nearly four years.

The glasses are all unique, something that can also be said about the students, said Will, who called upon his girlfriend’s brother, hand-blown glasswork artist Keith Walker, to create the glasses.

“I’ve felt really honoured in a sense because it’s not something you would expect or that you would get on a daily basis, said Yvone Joubert, one of the students.

Although he may see many of the same people everyday, Will says he shows the same level of professionalism for all transit users.

“I try to greet everybody the same,” he said.

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