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Next Act Pub owners ready to open MEAT restaurant while food truck takes summer break

What did one vegetarian business owner decide to do? She decided to co-open a restaurant called MEAT.

As one of the co-owners of The Next Act Pub, Saylish Haas and her partners are venturing out to a new a new culinary adventure, located next door to their popular off-Whyte Avenue restaurant.

For the past year and a half, the local business owners have been working hard to bring international flavours to Edmontonians, travelling to Texas to sample some of their best barbecue meats, with Haas sampling only their best beans and coleslaw.

“Ironically, I wanted to call it MEAT because I’ve never had it before,” she said.

Struggling to open their doors sooner, the restaurant owners were stopped by an outdated city bylaw that outlined the need to have parking for guests. Thanks to what they say was great community support, their new restaurant has moved forward.

“We are so grateful and appreciative,” said Haas.

Importing a smoker from the U.S. that can smoke 700 pounds of meat at once, the restaurant is set to specialize in dry-rub meats and Texas-style barbecue, something the owners know Albertans will enjoy.

But opening one door means closing another, as restaurant operators made what they call a difficult decision in deciding to not run their food truck this summer.

“People are bummed out but what choice do we have? Our chef has to concentrate on our new venture and we put to much pride in [our food truck] and unfortunately, we can’t clone our chef,” said Haas.

Chris Delaney of Big City Sandwich will use the truck this summer, with Next Act’s The Act food truck planning to return to city streets in 2015.

MEAT is expected to open mid-May at the location on 104 Street, just off of Whyte Avenue.

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