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Video: Edmonton-made film "Rock Paper Dice Enter" makes it big in India

Filmmakers in India got a taste of Edmonton on the big screen and liked what they saw all thanks to one film making waves abroad.

After deciding to take a copy of the film "Rock Paper Dice Enter" on a personal vacation, film creator Kash Gauni and director Shreela Chakrabartty were able to arrange a screening with India's biggest cinema chain, launching it into international fame.

Edmontonians would recognize many of the local backdrops featured in the film, including 104 Street, the LRT system and the Edmonton International Airport.

Chakrabartty said the city was a great place to shoot their edgy film since Alberta’s capital city provided an interesting dynamic that shone through on the silver screen.

“As someone from Edmonton and part of the film and art industry, I always knew what Edmonton could offer. Edmonton is a power city,” said Chakrabartty.

Classified as a suspense thriller, the film broadly involves a diamond heist and a mystery caller who makes six different phone calls.

But there was suspense off-screen, too, as Chakrabartty and Gauni, didn’t meet in person until halfway through the filming process. They say it helped them develop a trusting working relationship that showed on screen.

“Our film is like a breath of fresh air,” said Gauni.

Using a staff of mostly Edmontonians, the film also features Gauni as the mystery caller in the film set to hit Landmark theatres across Canada on June 6.

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