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Molson Brewery site redevelopment to break ground in Edmonton Wednesday

The controversial redevelopment of the former Molson Brewery site will break ground Wednesday, with the developer hoping to win people over as it’s built out.

Ralph Huzinga, with First Capital Reality, said the new LEED silver development will bring a lot to the city.

“This is a project that once it’s built it will be appreciated more than it is on a site plan,” he said.

Huzinga said changes since the approval have moved more of the parking underground and tweaked building designs.

He said he believes most of the resistance was from the Oliver Community League board.

“The resistance we experienced, I'm not convinced, was necessarily indicative of the broader Oliver community,” he said.

Jarrett Campbell, president of the Oliver Community League, said the development is still wrong for the area.

“Fundamentally, it’s the same development and we have the same concerns we have always had,” he said.

Campbell said he believes something better could have been developed on the site, but hopes denser, more pedestrian-oriented development is the future.

“We should take the Molson development and see it as a missed opportunity, but also a learning opportunity," he said.

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