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Edmonton councillors leave beach decision to the sands of time

Future civic leaders will decide whether you can dip your toes in the sand in Louise McKinney Park, as today’s councillors voted to move away from a dug-in debate.

Councillors were being asked to consider approving the controversial beach project, even though any construction of the project is being held off until at least 2019 because of the nearby LRT construction.

Coun. Scott McKeen argued for the project as an investment for downtown families were he said it’s difficult to find a place to play.

“It offered the greater downtown area some recreational opportunities,” he said.

The project is part of a long-planned and long-delayed series of proposed upgrades in park. The sandy area would be set back from the river and include umbrellas and beach chairs and a misting station.

Coun. Bryan Anderson however was one of those opposing it, worried the cost of keeping the sand clean would much more expensive than $30,000 administration estimated.

“I think it’s going to have to have Cadillac maintenance,” he said.

Mayor Don Iveson intervened in the debate and argued to postpone any decision about the project until the future when it might be a practical reality.

“For us to tear ourselves apart on this, when we're not even going to build it on our watch, is just silliness,” he said.

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