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Edmonton urban beekeepers buzzing into new hobby

Within moments of Chris Floden opening up one of the Yeg Bees hives in Sherwood Park, dozens of insects have taken to the air and are buzzing around him and the rest of the crew looking to inspect it.

Floden has been inspecting the hive in Sherwood Park since May when the group set it up. He said he got interested in bees because he knows they face issues.

“We know that bees are in difficulty and we know there is an opportunity to help them,” he said.

Moments after Floden closes the hives, the bees return. He said he hopes people will see how safe and easy it is to a raise a hive, so more will do it.

“The ideal universe is we end up with bees that are native to this region,” he said.

The two hives are on Pat Steffes' property in Sherwood Park and Floden said he hopes not only to set up his own hives, but also educate people so newbies like Steffes can handle it on their own.

“Next year he is going to be inspecting his own hives,” he said.

Steffes said he looks forward to taking over his hive next summer. He said he decided to set up the hive because he wanted to be more self-reliant.

“There are a lot of people that don’t do things anymore. We get very reliant on everybody else around us,” he said.

Steffes said having the two hives on his property hasn’t been an inconvenience.

“It sits over there and you don’t really know about it,” he said.

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