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Backyard chicken pilot to come before Edmonton city councillors next month

Chickens could soon find a roost in Edmonton backyards, under a new pilot program city councillors will consider next month.

Community standards branch manager Dave Aitken confirmed councillors are going to be presented with the option at a committee meeting on August. 18.

Aitken said they want the pilot to help guide a possible new bylaw that would allow for chickens across the city.

“It will outline a very similar approach to the one the last report on bees took,” he said.

Earlier this month, councillors approved a pilot for urban bees that will help the city develop a bylaw. Aitken said if council approves a similar bylaw for chickens the goal will be to learn about issues like odour, predators and other problems that might crop up.

“What the pilot will endeavor to do is gather information about all those aspects that we are not quite sure about in an urban setting,” he said.

Daniel Aire had to give up four hens his family was keeping in their McCauley backyard because they ran afoul of the bylaw. Aire said believes a pilot would be a good way to get people used to the idea.

“It’s a good way to launch a program without freaking everybody out,” he said.

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