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New Edmonton Heritage council app opens up sounds of the past

Edmontonians can now listen in on the past through a new app the city’s heritage council has launched.

The Edmonton Soundwalks app is part auditory tour part history lesson, exposing users to information about some of the buildings around Churchill Square, while also letting people hear from historical figures.

The council’s executive director David Ridley said the app’s developer Don Hill uses archival sounds along with present day interviews to bring history alive.

“He has found a way to create a conversation between the living and those that are no longer with us,” he said.

Ridely said the heritage council was impressed with the idea and hopes to expand it overtime to other parts of the city.

“This is our first kick at, as a sort of proof of concept and to see how people respond to it,” he said.

Hill said using the recordings in the app is ideal, because it brings people into the time.

“What’s wonderful about sound is that it never ages,” he said.

Hill said the app uses a type of immersive sound that will make people feel as though the sounds are all around them and he hopes to use it for other historical areas, like Old Strathcona.

“Once you get used to it, it provides all kinds of other opportunities in terms of mapping interesting places in our city.”

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