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Edmonton's Queen Alexandra neighbourhood hoping to change feel of local streets

An Edmonton community is hoping they can reshape their neighbourhood as the city reshapes the streets.

Residents in the Queen Alexandara neighbourhood have come together to form the QA Crossroads group, which aims to help change 76 Avenue and 106 Street, the major streets in the area.

Group member Julie Kusiek said with the city set to embark on neighbourhood renewal over the next few years, it makes sense to look at whether there isn’t a better way to use them.

“The roads are being dug up, so when they are being put back together, let’s put them back together in a configuration that makes sense,” she said.

Kusiek said the community wants to see work around the intersection, so it stands out more and drivers become more inclined to stop and they want to see high-quality bike lanes through the area.

She said right now the two streets really divided the neighbourhood and prevent the community from building.

“It really detracts form the ability for neighbours to get to know each other. You can’t have a conversation, because neighbours can’t hear each other,” she said.

City spokesperson Kelly Fitzgibbon said as the city tries to do more on public consultation more communities are responding like Queen Alexandra.

“We’re seeing more and more of that, especially with the city moving forward and making a commitment to public engagement,” she said.

She said in this case everything the community wants might not fall within the scope of a neighbourhood renewal project, but the city is looking at what it can do.

“We have brought in some of those other departments to talk about those issues as well.”

Renewal project

  • More information on the crossroads initiative is available on the group’s facebook page at
  • The neighbourhood is set for renewal between 2015 and 2017 as part of the city’s overall neighbourhood renewal program.

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