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Edmonton Bike Coalition advocating for bike lane investment through photomosaic

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the Edmonton Bike Coalition is sending a wave of messages to city hall through their latest project.

In an effort to grab city council’s attention and support for expanding the city’s bike lane network, people are asked to take a photo of themselves holding a sign that says ‘I bike’ or ‘I would bike.’

The end result? A large mural stationed at city hall featuring all of the submitted photos.

 Example of a photomosaic.

Example of a photomosaic.

“It’s a photomosaic. It’s going to be a large picture that is composed of other pictures,” said Conrad Nobert, co-founder of group, adding they wanted to take a different approach to create buzz. “We’re hoping to build momentum moving into this capital budget debate to let city hall know that there’s diverse, widespread support for high-quality bike infrastructure in Edmonton central neighbourhoods.”

The group is planning an event for November to get people involved in their cause and photomosaic after having a soft launch of their website Tuesday. The exact date has yet to be selected.

Nobert adds the coalition wants city council to dedicate around $7 million each year, for the next four years to develop safe bike infrastructure, including bike lanes on 102 Avenue and 83 Avenue.

Until then, the coalition wants to send their message via the faces of Edmontonians.

“Photomosaic is trying to show things have changed and that there’s a large quantity of people out there who want to get around safely and comfortably on their bikes.”

Photos can be submitted through the group's website.

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