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New publication "The Yards" focuses on hyper-local news for Edmonton's core communities

The Yards is far from being your typical newsletter when it ends up in mailboxes on Dec. 1.

Revitalizing how hyper-local news is delivered, The Yards is a unique collaboration between the Downtown and Oliver community leagues as well as local editorial contributors who will share news on the core areas facing new development projects.

"I'm hoping what this magazine will do is getting people thinking about these two communities as neighbourhoods. We can't just think things like the arena are going to draw in people from across the city and region, we need to start thinking about the people that actually live here and what are the amenities and services they need," said Jarrett Campbell, president of the OCL.

The quarterly magazine, which will be directly distributed to 24,000 mailboxes, officially launches Thursday and features editorial features, a community calendar and an op-ed piece by Councillor Scott McKeen.

Omar Mouallem, editor of The Yards and Metro columnist, says there's no better time to launch a community publication such as this one that truly focuses on the issues that matter most to residents of the area.

"One thing that we can do that other media can't being both a non-profit organization and a magazine, we can advocate for things and we are. We do believe that there are ways to enrich our communities in central Edmonton and there are ways that are counter-intuitive to that," he said.

The publication will cater to the growing young professional demographic but also to the families and seniors that call Downtown and Oliver home.

Chris Buyze, president of the Downtown Edmonton Community League, says The Yards is the 2.0 version of a community newsletter as community leagues continue to evolve in Edmonton.

"This is huge from our perspective. It's going to be a unique tool for community leagues," he said.

The Yards staff say the goal of the publication is to share the stories and news coming from the bordering areas but to also engage residents in a new way.

"This isn't our magazine, this is the community's magazine," said Campbell.

The magazine's official launch party happens Thursday night, will all of the details founds here.

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