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Edmonton police warn counterfeit bills being passed off around the city

Edmonton police are urging store owners to double check the serial numbers on US $100 bills this holiday season, after a series of incidents where the counterfeit bills were used.

According to EPS Economic Crimes Section, there have been more than 120 counterfeit bills used at Edmonton-area businesses.

Police believe one man is behind the scam, passing off the fake cash at big box stores to purchase gift cards and electronics.

“We want retailers across the city to be aware and to remain vigilant, especially as we head into the busy holiday shopping season” said Det. Bill Allen in a release. “Retailers are not obligated to accept any foreign currency for goods sold. It’s entirely their choice.”

The bills first started turning up at the beginning of October and include the following serial number sequences:

  • IJ11401_ _ _ I
  • KD74872_ _ _A
  • HB66698_ _ _E
  • HJ61755_ _ _A

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