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Oliver residents ask Edmonton councillors to do Jasper Avenue right or not at all

Oliver residents have told city councillors that if they’re not going to do a renewal of Jasper Avenue right, they shouldn’t do it at all.

Several members of the community league told councillors that a planned renewal of the street between 109 Street and 124 Street—which is budgeted at $18.5 million— shouldn’t go ahead unless the roadway is redesigned.

Erin Toop, with the league, said the road should be changed to make it more friendly for cyclists and pedestrians and less of a freeway through the neighbourhood.

“If they do repave it and replace the sidewalks and give us like for like, they wouldn’t be making it better,” she said.

Lisa Brown said while many people use that stretch of Jasper just to get out of downtown, to Oliver residents it’s part of their community.

“We don’t consider Jasper Avenue an arterial road, because it’s the main street in our neighbourhood, she said.

Both Brown and Toop want the city to do a complete streets redesign of the road, making space for drivers, pedestrians, transit and cyclists.

Coun. Scott McKeen said he believes the community was making a reasonable point.

“Let’s do the design right and to make sure that as we are re-doing Jasper Avenue in Oliver that we are doing a main street urban street design,” he said.

Kelly FitzGibbon, with the transportation department, said council can direct a redesign during the budget process, but the department doesn’t want to delay a renewal of the road.

“It’s in a state that transportation operations doesn’t want to put it off any longer than it has to.”

Jasper Avenue

  • The capital budget includes $20 million to do upgrade work on Jasper between 102 Street and 109 Street that would aim to make similar improvements to what the city has done between 100 Street and 102 Street.
  • Council will begin deliberations on the budget on Wednesday

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