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Edmonton youth wins national award for political engagement

Eleven-year-old Nessa Deans doesn’t have boy bands or other teen heart throbs on her bedroom wall - the Edmonton Grade 6 student has prime ministers.

Deans political engagement doesn’t end there however, she volunteers on campaigns, attends council meetings and works with her community league. And her political involvement gained her a national award Wednesday night from Samara Canada

The non-profit group awarded Deans their everyday political citizen youth award, which is designed to recognize people who get involved in their community.

“This is an attempt to celebrate that and move a little bit away from the cynicism that seems to pervade our discussion our political leaders and public life,” said Michael MacMillian, one of Samara’s co-founders.

He said the group is trying to engage people in public life.

“It’s borne out of the really old-fashioned idea that public leadership matters,” he said.

Deans competed against hundreds of other nominees and said winning the award was great.

“I'm happy and ecstatic,” she said.

She said she's so involved in politics because she believes otherwise the voice of people her age might not be heard.

“There are so many adults and even older children involved in politics, but I think it’s a good idea to get a fresh and even younger view.”

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